Is your name written in
Namlook's Book of FAX Life?
Solve the FAX Tile Puzzle:
Ambiant Otaku

Identify which FAX CD each sample comes from:
"We seek contact with new life forms" 1.
"It's a malignant thing, don't let us land, contamination... destruct us" 2.
"I'll give you a buffalo nickel if you'll calm down just a little bit" 3.
"I'm not crazy... it's like God talkin' to ya" 4.
"Try getting some rest and clearing your head" 5.

Unscramble the anagrams to discover the FAX artists:
nine genes jr 6.
mob trousers 7.
ham rotate 8.
eel zulu shacks 9.
anthem plunker 10.

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