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My name is Roy SeGuine ( and these are my FAX thoughts... what are these FAX music disks you ask? They are all so different yet they all fall under the same umbrella. FAX is an experimental German electronic music label started by Peter Kuhlmann aka the Cool Man (or Namlook spelled backwards) in 1992 that showcases artists who draw from elements of Brian Eno's ambient music concepts. Add a hint of the structure of 70's Progressive Rock, a pinch of the old Tangerine Dream space synths, a bit of techno (Intelligent Dance Music) and a dash of environmental soundscapes. Sometimes classically influenced. Sometimes jazzy. Sprinkle lightly with samples then shake and bake well for the duration. The FAX label covers the whole spectrum of music. Check out the list I compiled of FAX adjectives and characteristics. I started collecting FAX disks back in October 1995 and completed my collection December 1997. I continue to collect the new releases as they come out through Dave Steinhart's fine mail order service at Ear Rational.

Now it's your turn to tell your FAX thoughts! Add your entry to the list below.
  • Kevin Renick
  • jeff mcmillan
  • taygeta (not woman;)
  • Daniel Simeonov
  • Cenk Akyol
  • Abel Saenz
  • Othbaal
  • mick chillage
  • Jason Godden
  • frankwark
  • Richard Hughes
  • ulfaE
  • stephen mcgarry
  • jonathan
  • Hisham Sulaiman
  • James Albert
  • Deano242
  • Eric Lampi
  • Shon Walter
  • steven hanlon
  • Mark Lewis
  • Swen Johansson
  • Anthony
  • harald
  • Richard Schneider
  • No@h
  • Andre
  • Peter Kuhlmann