Purposed Butterfly Garden

The area outlined in red in the picture below is approximate 20 feet wide by 30 feet long. There is about a 6 foot drop in elevation from hill top to the bottom.

The red arrow shows North. The garden will get exposure starting on the south side and ending in the west with the setting sun.

There are already 2 existing black knight butterfly bushes on the right side of the garden looking toward the house.

This second picture shows the proposed area from the opposite direction from the vantage point of the deck. There is soon to be a large lake on the other side of the path. The wind sometimes blows strongly from that westerly direction.

I'm looking for an idea sketch for a garden containing both host and nectar plants to support the whole life cycle for as many kinds of butterflys as possible. So far I have observed cabbages, sulfurs, black swallowtails, monarchs, red admirals, painted ladies and fritillaries in this area over the past year.

rms 6/29/02