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TheCoordinator Sound Example
Jr. Tribe Drum Solo by Roy SeGuine
The Snare, Bass and Hi-Hat form the repeating pattern.
Notes:  mm whole note = 100, Snares off
Snare:  Click for a random Snare pattern
Bass:  Click for a random Bass pattern
 Hi-Hat:  Click for a random Hi-Hat pattern

Press the Play Button to hear the Jr. Tribe Drum Solo!

Four Bar Melodies
The right hand improvises various rhythms which are orchestrated across different instruments.
Ex 1 at time 0:04 - china and cowbell

Ex 2 at 0:22 - china

Ex 3 at 1:25 - toms

Ex 4 at 2:28 - ride

Ex 5 at 3:06 - toms (three over four)

Ex 6 at 3:35 and 3:55 - toms