Rhythm is the whole enchilada. Nothing much interesting happens without rhythm.

I've been playing ever since my dad brought me home that tom-tom at age 5. I enjoy playing rudimental snare drum solos, tympani in a symphonic orchestra, and many styles of music on the drum set.

This beautiful 1969 Gretsch Kit has been refinished to showcase the original maple wood which is responsible for that "Great Gretsch Sound". There are a total of 10 drums, 15 cymbals, and more percussion items than you can shake a stick at!

The Drums:

The Cymbals: The Percussion:

Oh yeah... here's the other set that I use to play out. I took a minimalistic approach to putting this set together and built a small chrome and brass set up. It has the advantage of being able to be set up or taken down in 10 minutes. (Those are Klipsch La Scala speakers in the background).

The Drums:

The Cymbals: