27 Most Important Things to Remember in Golf

  1. Use the mind and natural abilities
  2. Stay in the present
  3. Clear negative thoughts
  4. Confidence
  5. Consistent pre-shot routine
  6. Light grip, firm wrists
  7. Relax, breath and remove tension
  8. One piece move-away
  9. Shift weight over to right side
  10. Low hands
  11. Complete wrist cock by half way back
  12. Maintain wide extension - left arm radius
  13. Wind shoulders against the hips
  14. Two directional transition move at the top
  15. Arms drop into slot from the top, weight shift to left side
  16. Square shoulders to intended target line at impact
  17. Right knee, right hand, and club line up at impact
  18. See the clubface square up through impact
  19. Return the clubface to the ball the same as it was at address
  20. Stay in the shot
  21. Complete the swing
  22. Keep balanced
  23. Time the swing components properly
  24. Maintain spine angle throughout swing
  25. Focus on where the ball is to go
  26. Believe in choice of shots
  27. Back off if it's not right
Remember to enjoy the game!