The Agile Software Development Toolbox
with apologies to Jacques Carelman

Use this special backdoor key to unlock mystery code that no one can seem to decipher. It works especially well on legacy code that contractors have left behind. Readiness for rapid change is essential in developing software. Wear these unique shoes that go either way at a moments notice. Managers can put on this incentive glove to inspire their people to be more productive. The cactus needles help the staff reach new heights.
Sometimes it's best to just fork your code. When major difficulties arise with code compilation, create multiple branches off the trunk to help relieve the problem.

Pair programming is essential in producing code developers can agree upon. Use this philosophy to ensure that everyone is headed in the same direction.

When bugs creep into the code, bite the bullet and take action. Arm your swat team with the proper tools to get rid of defects.
Stack business requirements on this table to determine if a light weight methodology is being used.
These carefully constructed iteration doors will help lead your company down the right path to meet any contractual release date agreement.
You can always tell what day of the week development is in by which pipe is being smoked. For use in designated areas only.
Make sure that there is plenty of customer interaction during requirements gathering to produce the most useful product.
Use this octopus pen to ensure there is always enough of ink to write out every possible requirement detail on the story cards.

When the customer asks for new features when developers are not present, you can bet the sales team will not disappoint.

Your developers will love this refactoring polyhammer. It beats stubborn code into submission.

Use the "up it" stick to poke holes in any suspicious code and to test any dubious upper level dependencies.

This requirement squeezer will help get in those last minute features the customer left out of the original requirements document.
Design your product with specific goals in mind so the project is not over before it begins.

This amazing turnkey device helps refactor any code into flawless perfection.

Simply look into the other side of the "more time clock" to gain more time if your project is running behind schedule.
Any new customer requested feature is a snap to integrate into the existing application if the code is truly object oriented. Unit testing can catch minor defects even though the customer will probably never notice small design flaws in the product.
The well seasoned mentor is always prepared to shelter his protegees from any storm.